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Dearest Brownies, Guides & Senior Branch!

Welcome to our STEM in a Box Resources Page.  We hope all of the resources below will help you to get the most out of your Octagon STEM in a Box kit.  

And remember, don't forget to share your creations! - octagoncamp2021@gmail.com

LEGO Duck Challenge

Within your Octagon 2021 set you will have received a small bag of yellow and red bricks.

Do not open the bag just yet!  Follow the steps in the challenge below

Here is your Challenge:

- Set a time for 60 seconds

- As soon as the timer starts, open your bag and build a duck!

Send a pic of your duck to octagoncamp2021@gmail.com

Why a duck?  The first LEGO product was a wooden duck simply called "The LEGO Duck".

Discover more with the LEGO Story on Youtube

STEM in a Box - BricQ Motion Prime

I'm sure you've noticed, the image on the front of your STEM in a Box kit looks nothing like a Land Yacht!  Well, that's because this kit can build several different projects (technically it can build hundres, your imagination is your only limitation).  

But back to the model on the box.  This is our Gymnast project, very fitting given the Olympics is currently taking place!  In the box you will find the instructions to build this model.  

LEGO Education also have a great video series that will guide you through the Gymnast project and enable you to discover STEM through Sports! (please note registration (free) on the LEGO website is required to view the videos)

STEM in a Box Land Yacht Challenge

As part of Octagon 2021 you will take part in our STEM in a Box Land Yacht Challenge.  Your leaders will guide you through this challenge, whether online or in-person.  We can't wait to see your amazing Landy Yacht designs!!!  

Below you will find build instructions and and introduction to Land Yachts for you to rebuild your Land Yacht with your family and friends.  

Have them take the challenge and see who can get their Land Yacht to travel the furthest!

Land Yacht Build Instructions

Land Yacht Connect Video - What is wind?

Land Yacht Challenge