Welcome to STEM in a Box

Dearest IGG Leaders!

Welcome to our STEM in a Box Resources Page.  We hope all of the resources below will aid you in the delivery of STEM in a Box as part of the Octagon 2021 Camp.  Whether or not you are delivering online or in-person the resources below will support you with engaging young women in STEM!

We can't wait to see what they create!

Below you will find resources that will assist you with the facilitation of our STEM in a Box workshop.

Workshop Guide - This guide will enable you to set the scene for the STEM in a Box Land Yacht Challenge.  It includes tips on how to prepare for the delivery of the workshop whether you are delivering online or in person.  This is just a guide so feel free to adapt as you see fit.

Build Instructions - These are available as a pdf and powerpoint.  The pdf is usefull if you wish to print out the instructions for the participants, although our building tips guide will enable you to deliver the workshop without printed instructions (so don't worry about having to print them up).

The powerpoint will be useful for those delivering the workshop online as you can share your screen with the participants.

Build Script/Tips - We have two versions of the document available, Online & In-Person.  This will enable you to facilitate the build session of the land yacht whether you are delivering online or in-person.

Click Image for PDF.  Click HERE for powerpoint

Landy Yacht Workshop Tips