SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables Community Funds

SSE Renewables provides funding to community groups and voluntary organisations near each of their wind farms. This funding is intended to contribute to the social, environmental and economic well-being of local communities. Click here to visit the SSE Renewables website.

This funding is open to community groups and voluntary organisations within 20 km of one of the SSE Renewables wind farms shown below, with preference given to groups and organisations within 5 km of a wind farm. Use the map to see if your group or organisation may be eligible: yellow circles indicate areas within 20 km of a wind farm, red circles indicate areas within 5 km.

Click on the SSE Renewables logo at the centre of a circle to see the name of the wind farm and a link to the corresponding community fund page: follow the link for full details of eligibility criteria and the application process. Pay careful attention to the Fund Timetable, as each fund only opens once a year.

Bear in mind that these circles indicate the distance from a representative point for each wind farm, so be sure to check the actual distance between your location and the nearest point of the wind farm!