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Six Bricks is a hands-on tool for learning. Through fun and short activities with sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six bright colours, children can practice their memory, movement, creativity and more. You can adapt activities and of course make your own activities to match the children’s skills and interests.

SIX BRICKS is a pedagogical approach developed by Care for Education in partnership with the LEGO® Foundation.

Six Bricks activities are short, simple exercises, many of which only take a couple of minutes to do. They are not a curriculum but they are designed to support all areas of development in the curriculum. They help to wake up a child’s brain and get them moving, thinking and remembering through playful learning.

The activities are very versatile and can be adapted and scaled up or down depending on the age and stage of the children.

SIX BRICKS Resources

LEGO Foundation
Six Bricks Booklet

25 activities for children of all ages

Care for Education
Six Bricks App

Over 300 Six Bricks Activities

Care for Education Video Guides

36 Videos to guide you through Six Bricks Activities

IET Six Bricks Resources

13 Videos to guide you through
Six Bricks Activities

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Six Bricks
Six Brick